Bridging the Industrial Skills Gap: New Training Institute for Technical Training

Posted by Erika Pfeiffer on Nov 1, 2019 5:03:33 PM
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The MAG Industrial Training Institute will provide Technical Training to support growing demand for Personnel Certification

We are very excited to announce the launch of the MAG Industrial Training Institute, a new Personnel Certification & Qualification program. The MAG Industrial Training Institute offers a new way for Industrial Professionals to improve their skills and advance their career.

The skills gap has continued to grow in our work communities, and we have seen this first-hand with our clients experiencing higher employee turnover and costly quality issues. The MAG Industrial Training Institute meets the skills gap head-on and supports our mission to improve the quality of testing performed in the field, in process, and in testing labs across the globe.

The new institute was developed to provide better:

  • Understanding of instrumentation and technical information
  • Guidance for new and existing regulations
  • Support with ever-increasing industry quality standards
  • Career advancement with industry recognized credentials

To provide a more relevant experience for each industry professional, the MAG Industrial Training Institute will be divided into 4 academies:

  • Metal Training Academy
  • Environmental & Mining Training Academy
  • Oil & Gas/Energy Training Academy
  • Consumer Products Training Academy

The wide range of courses offered will focus on traditional and advanced methods of elemental analysis and material identification with the most widely used testing equipment from leading manufacturers.

Metal Analysis Group has designed and developed training to meet the needs of today's workforce including group learning with personalized practical application, individualized web-based learning, and customized solutions for customer site training.

The training begins in January 2020 and seats start at only $995. Registration opens November 1st, 2019.


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For more information on the MAG Industrial Training Institute, click this link.


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